Terms & Conditions

(1) The grant offered can be used only for the purposes described and itemised in the application. Changes in the use of the itemised amounts (virements) are not permissible without prior approval.

(2) If the project costs differ from those forecast in your application, the grant payment will be conditional upon the applicant agreeing to show a revised budget showing the actual project cost.

(3) Grants will not be paid until the Trust receives formal acceptance of the offer of grant aid. The grant will be paid by cheque.

(4) Any under-spend of the grant at the end of the project must be returned to the Trust within 14 days of a refund being requested.

(5) The project for which a grant is offered must be completed within 12 months of the date of the offer of the grant.

(6) The Trust is a grant making body, and its responsibilities are limited to the provision of funding for the purposes -and subject to the conditions – specified in any grant approved.

(7) The Trust does not have the intention, resources or the responsibility to examine or to make a judgement upon the capacity and adequacy or otherwise of applications for matters such as supervision and safety, insurance, child protection and training.

(8) The applicants will need to satisfy themselves upon such matters and to take whatever measures as may appear to them necessary in any particular case.

(9) It is a condition of the grant that recognition is given to the Trust via press coverage and/or branding on equipment etc. This request is made in order to support the Trust in its efforts to make the fund more widely known to other potential applicants.

(10) Further information and reports on progress must be supplied by the organisation when requested.

(11) All applicants will be required to complete an evaluation form at the end of their project. Successful applicants should ensure that their records are maintained and that the project is well documented in order to meet the Trust’s requirements for completing this report. Receipts for all purchases made as part of the project need to be retained for this purpose.

(12) Applicants must notify the Trust of any change of contact details, including changes to key personnel or changes in address and telephone details.