Data Protection

Applicants should note that the names of organisations funded by the Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust and the amounts they receive may be released to the public via press releases. This information is also available in the Trust’s annual report and on request. The Trust will use the information provided on the application form (and during the life of the grant, if awarded) to administer and analyse applications and grants. The Trust may give copies of some or all of this information to individuals and organisations that are consulted when assessing applications and monitoring grants. These organisations and individuals may include external assessors, accountants and other organisations and groups involved in delivering the project. The Trust may also share the information with organisations providing matching funding, other public bodies and other organisations and individuals with a legitimate interest in grant applications to the Trust. To help the Trust meet the needs of voluntary and community organisations, data provided may also be used for internal and external research, reporting and promotional purposes. The Trust may from time to time send applicants more information relating to the Trust.